My Task Planner

Lets you plan and organize your tasks
The best Task Planner for the organized You! Plan your personal and office tasks with this amazing and easy to use Task Planner!

Awesome Features

The planner comes with features that are essential for you to plan your tasks. It lets you segregate your tasks methodically, so that you can view, edit and track your tasks in an efficient manner. Color coded tasks aid you in immediately identifying incomplete tasks that need your attention. Go ahead and plan your life the way you always wanted to!

The One-offs

Plan and track your One-off tasks. Be it a task to checkin your luggage or booking your tickets. To wish someone on his/her birthday or to drop your car for a service. Add all of them and track them.

Repeated Tasks

Segregate your repetative tasks as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. Mark them as and when you finish them. The colors reset at the end of the day, week month or year respectively.

Archive Tasks

You can archive the tasks that you no longer wish to track. These tasks get neatly tucked in a corner. You can always bring them back when you feel the need to track them again!

Trash the Dead Tasks

Trash the tasks that you no longer wish to see. Trahed tasks pile up in a trash can. You can permanetly make these tasks disappear from your view by deleting them from the trash!

Screenshots Gallery

You can segregate the tasks as One-off tasks, Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, Monthly Tasks or Yearly Tasks. Each Task can be color coded based on the status of the task. A completed task would be marked in green, a partially completed task would be marked in White and an incomplete task would me marked in Orange. You can archive your task or move it to a recycle bin. Given below are some of the screen shots from the application.
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Salient Points

Small and Nimble

Built with utmost care, the planner takes less than 2 MB of space on your device. The app loads quickly, letting you plan and update your tasks in a Jiffy.

Power of HTML5 + CSS3

Built using the power of HTML5 and CSS, the application runs on almost all the recent versions of android (Jelly Bean and beyond). The planner can be installed on any android phone or a tablet.

Thou shall not pry!

Planner does what it does! It does NOT read your contacts, messages. It does not need GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi access. Nor does it copy your tasks to some server. It lives within its boundaries

Absolutely FREE

The app is completely free to download from Amazon Appstore, Yandex Store and other app stores

Free to download

You can download the full version of the software free of cost from any of the app stores given here.

No ads!

The planner application is free of any pestering ticker ads or pop-up ads!

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